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Sample Event 2

May 5, 2022

This is the introductory paragraph. you can write whatever you would like to write in this. Basically, the events page is the same as a blog page, but is has a date picker on it so that people can see when the event is, as well as the event automatically disappears from the site when the date has passed. You can type anything you want in the body of this event. I will provide more instructions below so that you know how to use the editor.

when you return one line, you will see a little plus button. You can click that button to insert heading, photos, bullet points, and much more. I will give an example of a heading first.

How To Use Headings

You'll want to use the "H2" setting on all of the body headings. There should only be one H1 Heading on the whole event post, and it is being used as the title, so only H2's and below should be used.

How to create a heading? start typing your heading out, highlight it with your cursor, and select the "H2" option from the list that appears after highlighting.

How To Use Bullet Points

How to create bullet points? return to a new line (ENTER) and click the + icon. you will find numbered or bulleted lists as an option there. select the type of list you would like to create, and type away. New bullet points are created every time you return a line (ENTER)

how to exit bullet points? Press ENTER twice. then you are in paragraph typing again.

How To Use Photos

A Helicopter in a field

Return one line and click the + icon, and click the little image thumbnail. You will then be able to place an image into the body of the post. You will want to select the image after it has been placed and do 2 things:

  1. There will be several options available to you for viewing, select the option that has a square on the LEFT and the three lines of text on the RIGHT. This will make it look good inside of the post.
  2. select the image again by clicking it, and click the little WRENCH icon and give the image some alt text. This will help anyone with disabilities such as blindness know what the picture is. This is completely descriptive so keep it short and just write what the picture is showing the visitor. This will also help the search engines index your post, so its good practice to do this for every image.

if you are needing to write below the image, just use your arrow keys to arrow down as far as you can in the body. Once your cursor is beside or below the photo, you are typing either beside or below the photo. Don't worry about how it looks in the editor. It will all look good when you publish.

How To Use Links

Sometimes you would like to link to something in an article, like this right here. simple select the text that you would like to turn into a link, and click the little CHAIN link icon. you can enter a URL, and click the checkmark to save it. It is then a link.

the same principle goes for making something in bold. Just highlight the text you would like to be bold, and click the capitol bold B icon in the section that pops up after highlighting.

That sums everything up!

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